Joe Tutorial

'Joe' is an easy-to-use text editor geared toward PC users. It uses the WordStar / Turbo Pascal command keys, which most PC users are familiar with, along with its own additions to create an editor which is both easy enough for novices and powerful enough for seasoned experts.

Although 'joe' is the default editor when a new account is issued, the popular UNIX editors 'vi' and 'emacs' are also available on the system for those who would rather use them. Refer to the menu documentation for instructions on how to use the menu to change editors.

Keep in mind that joe is a plain ASCII text editor, not a full word processor. Formatting issues such as changing fonts and margins or inserting graphics are best left to page layout packages such as LaTeX.

Below is a brief tutorial on some of the most commonly used features of joe. For a complete list of commands, consult the help pages, read man page by typing `man joe' at the Unix shell prompt, or read the file /usr/local/lib/joerc.

Last updated 4/04/96